Review of book "Pete the cat- Sir Pete the brave" by Aaradhya Tejas Thatte

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Author : James Dean

Review : My favorite book is “Pete the cat- Sir Pete the brave”. This book is about Sir Pete and Lady Callie. One night, lady Callie plays harp beautifully and everyone falls asleep. Next morning, Sir Pete find lady Callie missing. He goes to find lady Callie. He rides his horse and ask him to follow dragon’s footprint. Then he rows a boat to find dragon’s cave. It is dark in the cave, but he is not scared. When he finds lady Callie, the start to argue and this makes dragon cry. The dragon just wants to sing with friends. Sir Pete asks dragon to come to his home and sing along with lady Callie. I like this book because I want to be brave like Sir Pete. Things I learn from reading this book is to be brave, strong and always help friends.