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This library for children in Bangalore was started to make books and reading a part of every child's life. With books for babies, toddlers, early readers, and fluent readers right upto pre-teens, the team provides book recommendations tailored to a child's reading level and interest. The wide range of children's books, the colourful space, fun activities and workshops makes this children's library more than just a "book lending" library and a much loved space among children as well as parents.

All the books are available online for you to browse and "look inside" each book, select and get them home delivered.

Storytelling for children

The next storytelling session is on Friday 20th September 2019 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

We begin a travel series with the country - Thailand. Join us and Gayathri Ravishankar as we introduce you to the history and facts of different countries through stories

storytelling for children in bangalore

Workshops at the library

  • Life Skills workshop for children 6+ yrs that focuses on emotional intelligence - understanding and managing emotions like anger, disappointment, fear, stress and loss. An ongoing series of 6 sessions, please look into the event details. for more information.

Library Happenings

Activities at the Children's library

Variety of workshops and activities for children

Children's library home delivery

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Field trips from schools

Field trips from schools to give children the library experience




Borrow Books the Children's library

We encourage children to only read stories, but also share their thoughts. The Star Reader for the month of August 2019 is Nyla.

A few words about her by her mother - "Nyla's biggest passion is reading. She has been reading ever she was 6 months old. She would sit and spend hours with books...looking at the pictures. At the age of 6 she could read all grown up books if she wanted to. Books keep increasing her vocabulary and help her dream and imagine. Thanks for Our Story Self for making wonderful books available to this little munchkin"

Happy Reading, little reader.

Activities at the library

  • Storytelling
  • Early reading program
  • Activities/Workshops for children
  • Field trips from schools

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