Reading to your child helps in the development of the brain. We at "Our Story Shelf" book library aim to provide you with an environment that makes it easier for you to do just this! We have a great collection of books which your child can enjoy at the library &/or take them home. We also conduct storytelling sessions with active participation from the children that will help them learn to express their emotions and thoughts!
We also have a collection of toys that the child can play with while at the library.
All you need to do is login with your Facebook or Google id and select a membership plans that suits you and your child/children the best! You can have a look at the plans.

Visit the library and make the payment (one time registration fee + membership fees + refundable security deposit) depending on the term of the membership plan selected. A Library membership card will then be issued. For the payment please drop by at TGP Address: The Yellow blossom@ The Green Pocket, #37, HAL Old Airport Road, Behind Manipal Hospital, Rustam Bagh Layout, Banglore: 560017 Contact: 9880581964, 9945616926 Email : ourstoryshelf@gmail.com
When looking for any book, you can search on the following link using the name of the book https://www.ourstoryshelf.in/bookcollection.php?act=all
Visit the library and select the books you wish to borrow. The librarian will checkout the book for you after checking the status of the book (whether reserved or not) and the membership status (no. of borrowed books/membership plan). You can also opt for the home delivery service, in which case you can reserve the book and get it delivered to your home.
The library will be open from
Monday - Friday : 10am to 12:00 noon & 4:00pm to 6:00pm Saturdays : 10 am to 12:30pm
There are no late fees.
Yes, you can reserve books on this website which can be home delivered.
Yes, you can! In which case, you need to wait for the book to be returned at which point you will be notified.
There is a refundable security deposit that you need to pay at the start of your membership. The amount depends on the membership plan you choose. In case a book gets damaged or lost, you need to replace it with the same book or have the cost of the book deducted from the security deposit.
The workshops that will be conducted every Friday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm can be attended by all members FREE of cost.
Please inform the library at the earliest about the loss of the card. A new one will be issued at a cost of Rs. xxx.
This is your profile to help us serve you better! You can update information regarding the age(s) and likes/ interest areas of your child/children. This will help us recommend appropriate books/toys.
It is in the interst of the benefit of children that we have started this library! Hygiene thus is an important factor. In the case of an illness, we advise parents to sanitise the book cover before sending it back. We also keep the books aside under sunlight before returning them back on the shelf.
OSS Reading Rooms Rules
  1. Kids below the age of 6 years to be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Membership card should be carried always when visiting the library.
  3. Readers should not mark, underline, write, or tear pages or otherwise damage the library documents.
  4. Readers are requested to handle all library books and toys carefully to avoid damage.
  5. The borrower should check the fitness of the document before getting it issued. Any discrepancy should be brought to the notice of the person at the Circulation Counter who will put necessary remarks on the document before issuing. The borrower will be held responsible for any defect/damage found at the time of return of the document, if not recorded on it earlier, and will be liable to pay the penalty.
  6. Maintain a discipline, a level of silence so as not to disturb all those present at the library.
  7. Users will be responsible for their own goods belongings inside the library and library will take no responsibility for any kind of loss of personal belongings.
  8. The borrowers are requested to return the documents before proceeding on long leave.
  9. Library will be under CCTV surveillance and activities of users will be recorded.
  10. Suggestions on the library book collection are welcome.