About the Children's Library

Our Story Shelf is an online library for children in the age group 1+yrs upto pre-teens.
Founded by two mothers Anahita and Sulagna, the idea is to help children develop their love for books & enjoy reading.

Apart from offering library membership, Our Story Shelf provides a reading space for children to experience the concept of a library first hand and choosing books - something that is fading away in this digital world.
Our Story Shelf also conducts story sessions in English and Hindi. The collection of books has been chosen to cater to all aspects of child development - Classic stories in English and Hindi, popular stories, books from different cultures, on general knowledge and those that promote a growth mindset.
An unique initiative is the Children book review platform, where kids as young as 4yrs are encouraged to express their thoughts and reactions after they are read to.
OurStoryShelf is also welcomes field trips from schools where in the school kids get to spend time browsing some books at the library and listening to a story.

co-founder of the kid's library bangalore

Anahita founded The Green Pocket (preschool and nursery), way back in 2009 with her daughters being the inspiration. Set in the heart of Bangalore, this "pocket of greenery" provides kids with the most natural environment to enjoy their initial years. More than being the Proprietrix at The Green Pocket, she considers herself a teacher who helps mould young minds and enjoy their childhood at The Green Pocket. The 15 yrs of experience teaching and being around children, form the basis of the ideas and methodologies used in teaching the kids. It is this experience that has played a huge role in setting up the environment of OurStoryShelf, keeping in mind the requirements of children, their safety and a colourful space.

co-founder of the kid's library bangalore

8 yrs of working in the IT industry, working with multiple MNCs, did not stop Sulagna from quitting it all when she chose to become a mother. Being a hands on mother, she understood the importance of reading in the early years. The lack of a kids library in the neighborhood, with activites that would help kids build their language skills , inspire imagination and broaden their horizon was why she decided to use her experience in setting up one. From building the OurStoryShelf website that hosts the entire collection and the membership details, to planning story telling sessions, she has combined her prior work experience and the experience as a mother. The aim is to help young children develop their love for reading where in the current digital world,distractions are many!