Review of book "Living in Space" by Ibhan Diwan

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Author : Katie Daynes

Review : Last week I finished reading a book called “Living in Space”. Do you know why I read this book? I read it because I want to go to space. This book doesn’t have a story. Astronauts travel to space by a space shuttle with a fuel tank of two rockets. I was surprised to read that a dog went to space before humans. I think so that the dog was an “Astro-pup”. When astronauts are bored, they go out of the space station for a walk. But actually they float!!! First I thought that astronauts sleep in the cockpit and drive the space shuttle through nose. But I read in the book that it is opposite as astronauts sleep in the nose of the cockpit. Just like humans, astronauts change clothes before going out of space shuttle/space station. They wear their space suits. If you want to go to space, you need lots of training. And then only you can go to space. But I want to sit in a space plane because it doesn’t need any training.