Review of book "Famous Five: Five on a Hike Together" by Tejas Sriram

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Author : Enid Blyton

Review : The Famous Five series, by Enid Blyton, is one of the bestsellers. It is extraordinary, innovative, fun and mind-blowing stories of children who solve mysteries. My favourite book is Book 10: Five on on a Hike Together. I like it because it was the toughest mystery the Famous Five ever solved. My favourite characters are Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy. I like Julian because: 1. Julian is very kind 2. He solves mysteries so easily Second only to Julian - or as other people call him, Ju - Dick has the complete ability to do almost all the things Julian can do. Anne, sister of George can do a lot of things - only Julian doesn't allow her to. She is kind to all members of the Famous Five. George is almost the same level as Dick (in smartness), but in kindness George is worse than thieves. But she does that only once a decade.