Review of book "Spell Bound!" by Vania Vriksha

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Author : Nalini Sorensen

Review : Our 5.5 year old voracious reader LOVED it ! We encouraged Vania to review the book 'Spellbound!' written by Nalini Sorensen & published by Scholastic. Her observations - • The cover of the book reminded her of the forest in Disney’s Rapunzel. • Weyona doesn't have a cat, like other witches. • She figured out the mirrored text in one of the illustrations by placing the book in front of a mirror as it was similar to one of the activities she had done earlier. • Her Favourite word: Uggggh! • Her Favourite phrase: 'Overturana Zikka!' • Her Favourite sentence: It was bone-chilling, toe-curling and hair-raising - all at the same time. • She wants to befriend Petunia & Prince Frederick but not Weyona because she will turn her into a frog! • Weyona's spell reminds her of the Witch’s spell in 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. • Petunia & Frederick look like Rapunzel & Flynn from Disney's Tangled.