Review of book "The Jungle Storytelling Festival" by Vania Vriksha

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Author : Janaki Sabesh

Review : The book is written by Janaki Aunty. Aunty who draws(illustrator Debosmita Mazumdar)has drawn Ostroo in pink,orange,black & white)The book cover is green because it has leaves and leaves are in trees and trees are in the jungle! Mouse Mama,Eli and Meli were taking brown stones, suddenly they saw Ostroo crying! Ostroo cried because all the animals didn't allow him to tell a story in the jungle. Squirrel hungflowers zigzag like in Hindu litfest (Jungle story telling festival signboard). I like Ostroo started to stutter song and happy song - 2 songs! You should not make fun of anyone because they will cry like Ostroo. You should always laugh and be happy. "If you are happy and you know it ...clap your hands"(Vania starts to sing)