Review of book "Something's moving !" by Vania Vriksha

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Author : Daya Subramanian

Review : Recently, we started to ask questions after reading the book with Vania encouraging her to retell the story in her own words! Here's Vania's take on the book as she flips through each page answering my questions reacting to the illustrations : "Book name is 'Something is Moving' Daya Aunty has signed here(Vania's book is signed by the Author)..she is Author who signs... This is the fish...Ducks also follow fish in the water.... Monkey said 'Where you are going?' Fish said "Am going to the water to meet swan"..... Swan called crow & fish to the water 'workshop' to swim (of late, Vania has been attending different workshops for children ..hence :))..... This is a frog ...'Five little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log ....glubb...glub' (Vania breaks into a song!) Horse says 'neigh..neigh'... Deer is there in Nanmangalam forest (we plan to visit soon) and Guindy Park (we visited recently as part 'Captive to wild' forest trail where Vania saw the deer)... Elephant is blue in Guindy Park (referring to a statue) but here it is Gold colour, Bull is plucking mangoes .... Crow - Kaa..Kaa shriek the crows (starts singing another of her favorite Karadi tales song)..... Woodpecker is 'eating' the tree trunk.... Snake is rolling... Tortoise has shells in this picture!"