Review of book "Cars 3 " by Ibhan Diwan

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Author : Disney Pixar Movie Book Collection

Review : Last week I finished reading a book called Cars 3. The book is a part of Disney Pixar Movie Book Collection. It is a very big book. I took one week to finish reading the book. I like cars so I chose to read this book. Do you know that these cars have eyes, mouth and they can talk to each other? The book is about a red racing car called Lightening Mc Queen. It is about two friends- Lightening Mc Queen and Cruz. In the starting of the book, Cruz was the trainer and Mc Queen was the racer. But at the end, they exchanged their jobs. Mc Queen became trainer for Cruz, the racer. My favourite character was Rust-eze, the container truck. I liked him because he took every car to everywhere. This book has lots of car racings. I liked the race called Motor Speedway of the South because Mc Queen won that race. I also liked Jackson Storm because he was very fast. VROOM!!!VROOM!! Jackson Storm was painted with black colour. I didn’t know about racing cars before reading this book. I learnt a lot about them after reading this book. The cars have to work hard and practice a lot to win their races.