Review of book "Snicker the Brownie.. and other stories" by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Enid Blyton

Review : This week I finished reading a collection of stories. I got this book as a present for Dussehra. There were sixteen stories in the book. Out of these, I liked twelve stories only. Brownies mentioned in the title of the book are fictional (small or big) people just like elves. My favourite story is “Granny’s lovely necklace”. The story is about grandchildren helping their grandmother to find her necklace. While reading the story, I remembered an incident when I helped my friend find his cards for a card game. My favourite character is from the story “The boy who wanted a pet”. It is Frisky Whiskers, a pet squirrel. He is cute in his looks as has a long tail, bright eyes and soft fur. Harry is the boy and Frisky is his pet. Harry got Frisky in exchange of his toy garage with the Brownies. My second favourite character is Sidney, the mouse. This character appears in the story “The tale of the teddy and the mouse”. This story is about toys from a child’s cup board. I like Sidney because he is helpful. He helped Amelia Jane, the doll by shaking the mats. She felt happy and in return gave a big chocolate crumb to him. In the story “The great big fish”, I liked the brother-sister as they helped their neighbour, a fisherman, to win a fishing match. I learnt that if you behave nicely with people, good things happen with you in return. I didn’t like the stories about revenge. The moral of these stories is that if you behave badly with someone, they can take revenge from you. In the story called “The goblin and the dragon”, goblin lied to the dragon. I liked that at the end, the dragon ate the goblin. In a story called “Hallo, sooty face!!” I didn’t like Pixie’s behaviour of tricking people. I noticed that I liked stories with happy endings. When I pick up this book, I re-read only the stories that I like. I prefer to read a collection of stories because they have a lot of adventures in one book.