Review of book "Matilda" by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Roald Dahl

Review : I decided to read this book as I like the book cover. The book cover has the picture of a girl reading. I also like to read hence I chose this book. The book is named after the character Matilda. She is a smart girl as she has taught herself. I learnt that one can teacher oneself by reading, listening and observing. She is also my favourite character because she could find solutions to problems by herself. Her classmates are helpful and friendly. Lavender was Matilda’s first friend in the school. My favourite incident was when, in school, Matilda lifted a chalk using her eye power. The character I didn’t like is Mrs. Trunchbull, the cruel headmistress. I wouldn’t like to go to a school with such a head mistress. But I liked Matilda’s good kind teacher. There is also a movie about this book but I have not seen it. I always prefer to read the book to know if the movie has any sad parts.