Review of book "The Story of Heidi" by Nano

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Author : Johana Spyri

Review : This book is about a girl name Heidi a 10 or 12 year old girl. The genre of this book is folklore and adventure. once upon a time there was a girl name Heidi who lived with her aunt Dete for many years then her aunt decided to left Heidi with her grandfather. Also this book was release in 2006 well..... publish in 1881. My favorite part of this book was when Heidi came back to her grandfather because her devilish aunt to Frankfurt for a better life. The reason why aunt Dete to her to Frankfurt because there is a sick girl name Clara has always been sick in bed and Clara wants lot's of company. And house owner Mrs. Rottenmayer and Mr. Seeseman father of Clara. Mean while Mrs. Rottenmayer dislike Heidi and Heidi does like this place so....... she runs away to go back to Grandfather he was so happy and shocked then a week of 3 days Clara came in a wheel chair and granddad was shocked so he carfully pick her up and ... she can WALK. This book was really FUN.