Review of book "That cat with the feathery tail and other stories " by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Enid Blyton

Review : I read this book yesterday evening. It is a collection of 15 stories. I enjoyed all the stories in this book. My favourite story was “Simple Simon goes shopping”. This funny story is about a silly boy called Simon. I laughed at Simon’s actions. For example, one day his mother told him to buy some soap but instead he bought a can of soup. HA HA HA!!! A story called “The old bicycle” was about helping others. In this story, a poor boy had helped another boy, who broke his leg while riding a bicycle. In return, the boy gave his old bicycle to the poor boy. In the story called “The girl who had hiccups”, there was a girl who had shared some cups with a brownie, a fictional character. My favourite character of the book was Mary from the story “A bit of luck”. She was my favourite because she helped her grandma to find some luck. All the stories in this book are fictional. I would like to read this book again because all the stories teach good behavior.