Review of book "Finding Nemo" by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Disney Pixar Movie Book Collection

Review : I recently finished a book called “Finding Nemo”. This book is a part of Disney Pixar Movie Book Collection. The book is about a young clownfish called Nemo and his father called Marlin. The fiction book starts in Nemo’s school. His three friends were Tad, a butterfly fish, Sheldon the sea horse and an octopus. Nemo’s adventure took him to a lot of places like a dentist’s office. There Nemo made new friends. His father also went on an adventure and met lot of scary friends. One of Nemo’s father’s friends was a fish called Dory. The adventure ended when Nemo returned home. My favourite character was Nigel, the Pelican as he was helpful and kind. Dory and Marlin were picked up by a hungry Pelican. Luckily, Nigel saved their life by tricking all the other pelicans. The scariest character was Bruce, a great white shark as it was a carnivore. I thought Bruce had laid a trap to eat Marlin and Dory. But actually, it was not true. Bruce was actually helping Marlin to find Nemo. After knowing this fact, I was not scared of Bruce. I was surprised to know that Bruce, a shark doesn’t eat fish. I thought Nemo was the naughtiest character as he touched the ship’s anchor, even when his father warned him. If he had not touched the anchor, there would not be any adventure. And hence this book would disappear. I am glad that Nemo didn’t listen to his father so that I could read this book. I have also watched the movie based on this book, but I consider book as better.