Review of book "The Lion King" by Ibhan Diwan

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Author : Disney

Review : I finished reading a book called “The Lion King”. It is about a lion called King Mufasa, Queen Sarabi and their son called Simba. His father told Simba that when he dies, Simba will become the King of the Jungle. Scar was Simba’s uncle and a bad lion. He pushed King Mufasa down the cliffs. When King Mufasa was dead, Simba quickly ran to his father. Scar told SImba to run away because he wanted to become the King. Simba's new family was Pumbaa, the wild boar and Timon, the meerkat. Nala was Simba’s friend. She told Simba, “Can you please fight with Scar?” Then Simba fought with Scar and pushed him down the Pride Rock. Now Simba was the King and Nala was the Queen of the jungle. My favourite character was Nala as she was brave. She told Simba to fight with the bad lion, Scar for his family. I enjoyed reading this book a lot.