Review of book "Matilda" by Aashima Nair

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Author : Roald Dahl

Review : Books, books and more books. That would be heaven for some people, but for some kids this is normal. I read a book called Matilda sometime ago. This story is about a young prodigy who is bullied by her parents and teachers! The main characters in this book are Matilda, Michael, Miss Honey, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, Bruce Bogtrotter, Amanda Thripp and of course the ferocious headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. The most shocking part was when I realised Matilda had telekinesis, a real super power very few people have to move objects with their mind. You might think that Matilda must have started reading books with her parents help… well you are wrong because her parents do not even touch books. Her older brother goes to school, her mom goes to play bingo all day and her dad has a business call Wormwood Motors in which they sell cars by cheating. Well, by the age of one and a half her speech was perfect and she knew many words like a grown up. At the age of three she taught herself how to read by studying newspapers and magazines. At the age of four she could read fast and well and began hankering after books. One day when her father denied to buy her a book, she set out to find one in the public library in the village. The librarian, slightly taken aback of the arrival of such a tiny girl unaccompanied by a parent. From then on, every afternoon, as soon as her mother left for bingo she would toddle down to the library and read many books. To know more you have to read this amazing book…