Review of book "James and the Giant Peach" by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Roald Dahl

Review : Book review of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl During my Christmas vacation, I finished a book called “James and the Giant Peach”. The book was about a little boy called James, who lived with his two cruel aunts named Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. This is a fiction story. This story starts similar to “Jack and the Beanstalk”. The story about the peach started with James and an old Magician. The magician told James “any animal or plant or an insect that eats the magic seeds will grow into a giant”. A peach fruit, and insects like old green grasshopper, centipede, spider, silkworm, glowworm, earthworm, ladybird grew into giant creatures. But these bugs were actually James friends. Then all of them, including James, went on an adventure and accidently landed in New York. They got into trouble with sharks who were trying to eat the peach and sea gulls who wanted to eat the earthworm. James saved all his friends by using earthworm as bait for seagulls. The grass hopper helped James by pulling the earthworm when James told him to pull. 502 seagulls pulled the peach, along with James and his friends, into the air. All the insects and James sat on the peach like deck of the ship. Second trouble occurred in air. Cloud men were furry hairy creatures who lived on clouds. The centipede started calling them bad names. So they started throwing hailstones back at them. James saved himself and his friends again. He told them to lie flat on the surface of the peach. All the adventures ended in a peachstone house, in New York, with jobs for all the insect friends. All of them lived together in the peachstone house happily ever after. My favourite part of the book was when the giant peach landed in New York City. I loved this part because nobody in the city knew all the insects. James told the people in the city, including the Mayor, about the insects. My favourite characters were Miss Ladybird, Miss Spider and Earthworm. I liked Miss Ladybug because she was kind. I liked Miss Spider as she was helpful as she made beds for everybody out of spider silk. I also liked earthworm as he was friendly, skinny and kind. His skin was like face cream so he got a job to speak on TV to talk all about face cream. I also loved Grasshopper as he was a good singer. The Silkworm made good quality silk for sewing clothes for people. Glowworm helped in saving money by being the torch light in Statue of Liberty. The centipede sold shoes to people in the city. I wish that I would live in a giant peachstone house in my next life, just like James.