Review of book "101 Dalmatians" by Ibhan Diwan

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Author : Walt Disney Hard Cover Edition

Review : I decided to read this book because I like dogs. I loved that every page in this book had a dog!! I was surprised to see 99 puppies. But I never want to stay with 99 puppies as they will continuously lick me everywhere. This is a fiction book. I didn’t like Cruella because she is a dog thief. The behavior of two helpers of Cruella was bad because they listened only to her and didn’t think by their own brain. My favourite dog character is Pongo (father) and Perdy (mother). They were good parents because they take care of their puppies. They were also kind as they took care of other 99 puppies also, and not only their own pups. I learnt that animals also help each other, like humans. I like to read this book every day and forever.