Review of book "Big Cats" by Idhika Diwan

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Author : Rhonda Klevansky

Review : In the first week of my summer holidays, I finished reading this book. This is a big and heavy book and is all about big cats like lion and tiger. This is a nonfiction book. The book has facts about big cats. I decided to read this book because I love cats. I felt surprised to read so many facts about them. While reading the book, I learnt about various exotic species like Lynx, Snow Leopards, Sand cat etc. I was surprised to read that Cheetahs only chase their prey when the prey runs, but if the prey stops the cheetah will also stop. My favourite cat is a snow leopard because it has so much strength and agility to jump from height cliffs in its mountainous habitat. I didn’t like the pages about poaching of big cats because they are endangered and rare. Poaching includes destroying habitats and hunting them. If all the big cats were extinct, the prey population would suddenly explode. I would like to read this book again because it is interesting.