Review of book "The Case of the Stolen Smells" by Vania Vriksha

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Author : Pankaja Srinivasan

Review : I like Bajji hand with green nail polish on the cover of the book....Raju works in Indian haircut saloon...Indian flag is there on the board...Raju was eating only rice....Babu was frying mozhaga bhajji ...Raju & Kannan were smelling the bajjis.....Babu said "How dare they ?" (This is my favourite dialogue) .....Raju said "why you are angry Babu ?" Babu said ...."because you are smelling my Bhajji!"...Babu has only head and no hair...his face is round....they all went to the village head...Chattapadi(he wears only dhoti,no shirt). Babu complained to Chattapadi and case was happening . I like Raju,Kannan, Chattapadi and also all village people. I like Raju because he cuts hair for people. It is a good story. Raju is a good guy and Babu is a bad guy. Babu should not ask money for smelling the bajji but only if you eat the bajji(This is the learning from the story).