Review of book "Night diary " by Jahnavigouri Panicker

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Author : Veera Hiranandani

Review : See the video review on my booktube channel This book is so good .Capturing writing style. Brilliant book. Must buy. The book is written as letters by Nisha to her mom which will make you feel like actually living in the story. This book is touching because in between her letters to her mother she talks about how much she wish her mother was with her. ◇◇SUMMARY◇◇ In 1947 when India has been divided into 2 countries India and Pakistan . Nisha didn't thought her life will completely change overnight. She have to live behind her house and leave her most beloved things behind to go to the new India. The story tells us about the struggles and small joys Nisha went through during this shifting . □ Recommended for Young Readers Stars : 4.5 ⭐ ◇◇For more book reviews Please visit my booktube channel Jp Kid Studio ◇◇ Link to my channel