Review of book "By Royal Appointment" by Vania Vriksha

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Author : Jeffrey Archer

Review : Our 5.5 year old daughter reviews the book "By Royal Appointment" written by Jeffrey Archer, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan & published by Pan Macmillan India. Here are her answers to our questions: 1. Which character you like the most? “I like Queen Echo because she echoes and echoes and makes me laugh.” (Giggles) 2. Favourite word? “Hello, hello” (when repeated) 3. Favourite sentences/Paragraphs?(Vania started to write paragraphs recently) “The ‘Square’ sentences paragraph” 4. Pictures you like? “Fluffy clouds; King & Queen pink cheeks; The Trendy car’s doors opening; Salt & Pepper pots.” 5. Does this story about a race & the square car winning remind you of any other story? “Hare & tortoise story... The square car moved slowly like the tortoise.” 6. Anything else you like about the book? “The front cover has shiny letters that shine like sun and diamonds; The different car names are written in different colors; They have written Willy Shakespeare instead of William Shakespeare.” (Vania has read illustrated William Shakespeare books).