Review of book "BOOKASURA" by Aashima Nair

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Author : Arundhati Venkatesh

Review : Do you like books? How would you feel if someone came and destroyed all of them . I recently read a book called Bookasura .Yes, it is exactly how it sounds .It is about a boy named Bala, who goes to visit his grandparents and suddenly meets the book-eating monster Bookasura .Bala has to keep on supplying the demon books but when they get over Bookasura is planning to eat him. The main characters in the story are Bala, Bookasura, Raghu Thaatha and Ambu Paathi. The funniest part for me was when Bala met Bookasura and was so scared that he started answering Bookasura by telling the names of his favourite books. I like the way the illustrator has drawn Bookasura .She has illustrated him by drawing more than 5 heads and each head has a different emotions. The author, Arundhati Venkatesh has really made it children friendly and exciting. This is definitely on of my favourite books. There are more books in the Book-Asura's series. I would rate this book 8 out of 10.