Review of book "Gullivers Stories" by Aashima Nair

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Author : Jonathan Swift

Review : Lemuel Gulliver, a voyager of the sea. He leaves his homeland, England, in search of adventure. He washes up on a strange island. The people speak a different language, have odd rules and are fearless. Will they welcome Gulliver with open arms or will there be war? I enjoyed the book as the author has written certain situations, which you can relate in your everyday life. For example: When Gulliver washed up in Lilliput, he did not exactly fit in due to his “massive height”. This situation can be related with your first day of school. You don’t know anyone or anything. And it gets pretty awkward wen trying to talk with your classmates for the first time. I finished this book in about 2 days, which itself would be a good recommendation. I felt the story would have been better if the author gave a bit more information on Gulliver’s family. This is because whenever the subject changes to Gulliver’s family all you know is he had a wife and a daughter. You don’t come to know about the bond with his family. Although, I feel he didn’t like his family that much. Why would he travel so much if he loved his family? The story was especially strong when it came to describing characters. When it came to Gulliver, Dean Swift presented his courageous spirit beautifully. He described how Gulliver decided to follow his passion, how he felt when he met the Brobdingnagians. When the author described Gulliver at sea, it felt as if, I was there myself. I was shocked when the author mentioned that a giant bird had picked Gulliver’s cage a was soaring for the skies. I think everyone should read this book as it also talks about trust and truth. It talks about friendship and bonding.