Review of book "Strange birds a field guide to ruffling feathers " by Jahnavigouri Panicker

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Author : Ceila. C.Perez

Review : ~~' Even though history is in the past and we can't do anything about what happened then we can try to make it right to day ' ~~ ■ This book Strange birds ~ A guide to ruffling feathers is a fast-paced and well written read ■It is a story of friendship. I Loved it ... ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇SUMMARY ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ When three very different girls find a mysterious invitation to a lavish mansion, they are so curious so they accept it . Ofelia the storyteller , Aster the foodie , Cat the bird watcher meet the kid behind the invite Lane DiSanti and they don't like each other on first sight....But soon they are on a mission that the readers will surely enjoy.. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ ●I just loved every girl in this story. They value their friendship more than anything... ●This story mainly concentrates on the fact that many people are killing birds for their feathers . I just liked this book . ●This story has a lot of good values to teach kids . 《》Young readers from age 9 and up will loved this book 《》 STARS - ☆☆☆☆ .5 --- 4.5