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This online library for children in Bangalore was started to make books and reading a part of every child's life. With books for babies, toddlers, early readers, and fluent readers right upto pre-teens, the team provides book recommendations tailored to a child's reading level and interest. The wide range of children's books, the colourful space, fun activities and workshops makes this children's library more than just a "book lending" library and a much loved space among children as well as parents.

All the books are available online for you to browse and "look inside" each book, select and get them home delivered.

Interactive storytelling for children

Stories have been a part of our childhood and storytelling has been one of the oldest and most powerful mediums of teaching. We have all grown up listening to stories, either from our parents or grandparents, stories about the creation of earth, stories about traditions, festivals and about life. Stories are always fun and even when they introduce us to somehing new, we enjoy the learning.

We at Our Story Shelf use this power of storytelling to bring for children some unqiue stories, introduce them to new ideas and concepts.
In the pre-covid times we conducted our sessions fortnightly in the library. And now till things return to normal, we are conducting the sessions online. What remains constant is how interactive and fun we make it for the children.

The Upcoming events at the library

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Activities at the Children's library

Variety of workshops and activities for children

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Field trips from schools

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Activities at the library

  • Storytelling
  • Early reading program
  • Activities/Workshops for children
  • Field trips from schools

    #37 HAL Old Airport Road,
    Rustam Bagh Layout,
    Bangalore: 560017
    Karnataka, India.
    Mon - Sat :10:00am to 12:30pm.
    Mon - Fri :4:00pm to 6:00pm