Chlidren's book review guidelines

These are some questions that you as a parent can ask to help kids start thinking and analysing the story.

  1. WHAT did you like about the book/story?
  2. WHO are the different characters and who is your favourite character - why?
  3. WHO is the GOOD guy and who is the bad guy?
  4. WHAT kind of a story is this - is it a fun story/happy story/sad story/boring story?
  5. What is your FAVOURITE dialogue from the story?
  6. What do you LEARN from the story?

For older kids who can write by themselves, below is a format they could follow -

  1. A brief introduction about the book/author/type of book
  2. The story plot
  3. What did you like or not like about the story and why?
  4. Could anything be changed that could have made the story more interesting?
  5. What do you learn from the story?
  6. How would you rate a story out of 5? 0 being least and 5 being the maximum, with a justification

Our process

  • The Books that your child reviews don't have to be from our library collection.It can be any book.
  • Once you submit the book review, we will process it to make sure it is authentic and by the child - not by a parent. Once we approve it - it will reflect on the main review page.
  • If we think that the review needs any kind of modification, you will see a - "Needs revision" comment against the review. You can then re-submit it after making necessary changes.