Upcoming Story telling Session

Next session is on Friday 22nd March from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

A Russian story about a girl called Zhenya and a rainbow flower. It had seven thin petals and each one was a different colour. What made it even more special is that it could make any wish come true!

Join us and Vitika Rastogi to find out how Zhenya makes use of the 7 wishes!

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Star reader of the month

Our Star Reader for the month of February 2019 is Adithya
Adithya is a curious four year old who loves both the outdoor and indoor alike. When he is not running around in his scooter or trike he likes to sit in a cozy corner and read books by his favourite author - Julia Donaldson. Though Grafalo "scares" him, the smartness of the lady bird in saving the farm animals always brings a smile to his face. He also enjoys reading about the latest adventures of Lightening McQueen and the gang of Cars in Radiator Springs.

Happy Reading, little reader.